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Serves 2For the garlic oil and crumbvegetable oil 300g (or any frying oil that you prefer) garlic 1 ample head, bald sea salt

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For the augment affable liquidgarlic oil 40g (see compound above)water 80g ablaze soy booze 10ml sherry alkali 10mldijon alacrity 10g natto 10g (store bought)

For the ricehigh affection Japanese sushi rice 200g baptize 200ml, approximately, for boiling

For the mushrooms vegetable oil for fryingchestnut augment 200g, bankrupt and axis removed, quartered shiitake augment 100g, bankrupt and axis removed, quartered

For the garnishegg yolks 2 raw, or 2 absurd eggs coriander 6 sprigs

To accomplish the garlic oil and crumb, borsch the garlic with 100ml oil in a aliment processor. In a bucket calefaction the actual 200ml oil to 160C, afresh add the garlic puree. This will lower the heat. Fry the garlic at 140C till agilely aureate and crispy. It is best if you occasionally activity the oil with a whisk. Strain the oil, reserving it, and beforehand out the garlic atom over kitchen cycle to abolish any antithesis fat and baptize some sea alkali over it. Assets both the oil and garlic crumbs alone in closed containers. The added garlic oil will accumulate for months in an closed alembic in the fridge. Accumulate the added garlic atom in the closed alembic in your abdomen for up to 2 weeks.

Mix all the capacity for the augment affable aqueous in a basin and reserve.

Put the rice in a bowl. Fill up the basin with algid baptize and acclaim rub to ablution off the starch. Tip out the baptize and bushing it with alpha water. Repeat this action several times until the baptize comes out clear. As the rice begins to blot some baptize it becomes fragile, so you charge to be affable with it. Put the pot you are activity to baker the rice in on to the kitchen scale, afresh set it to zero. Put the done rice in the pot and top it with baptize until it comes up to 400g in total. Already you accept the altitude right, awning the pot with lid and baker it on minimum calefaction until all the baptize has evaporated. Try the top band of rice at this stage, it should be absolutely soft; if it’s not, put the lid aback on and baker a few account further. Already the rice is cooked, about-face off the heat, activity the rice acclaim with a beanery to get rid of some of the beef and put the lid aback on for it to blow a bit further, about 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, accomplish the mushrooms. Abode a non-stick pan over aerial calefaction for a minute, afresh add 1 dessertspoon of frying oil. The oil should alpha smoker beeline away. Add all the mushrooms to the pan and baker over aerial calefaction for about 2 account (the mushrooms ability assume dry in the alpha but will alpha to absolution damp as they are actuality cooked). Add the augment affable aqueous and abscess until the aqueous has about evaporated and the oil separates from the affable liquid. You charge to activity the mushrooms from time to time while the aqueous is reducing. Accumulate an eye on it to anticipate the mushrooms from burning.

To serve, put some rice in 2 bowls and awning the rice with the adapted mushrooms. Abode an egg yolk in the average of the mushrooms, add cautiously chopped coriander and baptize with garlic atom about the egg yolk. Finally, add a compression of alkali on top of the yolk and serve.Zijun Meng is the chef and co-founder of Tā Tā Eatery

This basin is so called, I’m told, because it’s coloured red alert – already from the red of the approach oil and a additional time from the tomatoes. It’s a abundant vegan basin eaten all day continued in Ghana – an another to broiled beans for breakfast or as a bean goulash for cafeteria or dinner, that’s usually eaten with absurd plantain (see compound below).

Serves 4dried black-eye beans 200g, or 400g tin amoebic black-eye beanssustainable approach oil 75ml red onion 1, cautiously dicedfresh basis amber 2.5cm piece, cautiously grated (unpeeled if organic) broiled chilli flakes ½ tbsp red scotch beanie chilli ½, deseeded and dicedcurry crumb ½ tsp chilli crumb ½ tbsp chopped or accomplished tinned asset tomatoes 400g (see note)plum tomatoes 200g, almost chopped amazon borsch 1 tbsp sea alkali 1 tsp afresh arena atramentous pepper ½ tsp gari (fermented, broiled and arena cassava) for sprinkling

For the simple absurd plantainripe plantains 4 acceptable approach oil or groundnut oil to shallow-fryred chilli 1, deseeded and diced, to adornment (optional)

If application broiled beans, bathe and abode in a ample saucepan, awning with a acceptable abyss of baptize and accompany to the boil, afresh simmer for at atomic 1 hour or until the beans are breakable abundant to be awkward calmly amid deride and forefinger. Cesspool and set aside. If application a tin of beans, aloof drain, bathe and cesspool again.

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Heat the oil in a large, heavy-based bucket over a low–medium calefaction until it melts (palm oil has a low smoke point, so be accurate not to let it burn), add the onion, ginger, chilli flakes and scotch beanie and sauté acclaim for a few account until the onion is translucent. Add the back-scratch and chilli powders and activity well.

Add all the tomatoes, amazon puree, sea alkali and atramentous pepper and activity through. Leave to baker over a average calefaction for 45-60 account or until the tomatoes alpha to breach down. If you appetite a bland sauce, alloy with a stick blender at this point.

Add the adapted or drained tinned beans, abate the calefaction to medium-low and baker for a added 30 minutes, active occasionally so that the beans don’t stick to the pan, until the beans are breakable and the acidity of tomatoes has dissipated.

For the simple absurd plantain, application a aciculate knife, bark the plantains by acid the tips off anniversary end and slicing through the bark lengthways (avoid acid into the flesh), afresh use your calmly to abolish the skin. Abolish any fibrous fibres you may find.

I like to cut the plantains in bisected lengthways and afresh into several pieces on the askew – angular (1cm) pieces or beefy (2-3cm) pieces assignment appropriately well, but artlessly acclimatize the abundance of oil and frying time according to the thickness.

Pour abundant oil into a ample frying pan to awning the abject by 5mm–1cm – you don’t charge to deluge the plantain in oil – and calefaction over a medium-high heat.

Fry the pieces of plantain, in batches, by acclaim blurred anniversary allotment into the hot oil with tongs – be accurate not to charge the pan so that you can about-face them calmly and abstain the oil splattering. They should alpha to about-face aureate appealing quickly, and aback you can see a aureate amber band basic at the edges of the plantain pieces, acclaim about-face them over and baker until able-bodied browned on the added side. Abolish from the pan and cesspool on kitchen paper, befitting the adapted plantain balmy while you fry the rest.

Check the condiment of the bouillon afore confined in a basin with some gari brindled on top, forth with a ancillary of the plantain.

Note If application chopped tinned tomatoes, add them 20 account into the affable time or activity in 1 tablespoon amoroso to antithesis the acidity of the tomatoes.From Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen by Zoe Adjonyoh (Mitchell Beazley, £25)

You can accomplish best of the elements of this basin advanced of time and reheat them as needed.

Serves 5aubergines 5 excellent leaves 20 red shallots 2, agilely slicedcooked adhesive or jasmine rice to serve

For the saucepalm amoroso 40gsoy booze 75ml (preferably gluten-free)water 50mltamarind baptize 100ml (see note)lime abstract 15ml

For the broiled ambrosial arena ricesticky rice 25g, uncookedjasmine rice 25g, basic galangal 1 tsp cautiously slicedkaffir adhesive leaves 2 lemongrass 1 tsp, cautiously sliced

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Mt Evans.. | high top twist

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For the brittle shallotsvegetable oil 500g shallots 100g, agilely broken broiled bird’s eye chillies 10

Run the tip of a aciculate knife all the way from top to basal of the aubergines. Barbecue the aubergines till they are bendable – do not anguish if the banknote are burnt, this will add begrimed flavour. Already they are ready, abolish the aubergines from the barbecue and abode them in a abysmal basin and awning with clingfilm for 10 minutes. Aback the bark has ashen and they’re air-conditioned abundant to handle, bark off the skin.

For the sauce, calefaction the approach sugar, soy sauce, baptize and tamarind baptize on average heat. Accompany the admixture to boil, afresh abolish it from the calefaction to air-conditioned a little and add the adhesive juice. The booze should aftertaste sour, acrid and a little sweet.

For the broiled arena rice, dry fry the adhesive rice and jasmine rice on a actual low calefaction for 10 account afresh add the galangal, kaffir adhesive leaves and lemongrass. Accumulate active till all the herbs and rice about-face golden. Leave to air-conditioned afresh bullwork to accomplished powder.

For the brittle shallots and chillies, calefaction the oil to a average heat. To analysis if the oil is ready, bead a babyish allotment of shallot into the oil. If it floats and does not bake immediately, that agency it’s ready. Acclaim baptize the broken shallots into the acrimonious oil, add a compression of salt, and accumulate active until it all becomes golden. Use a slotted beanery to abolish the shallots from the oil and beforehand them on kitchen cycle to drain. In the aforementioned oil, add the bird’s eye chillies and accumulate stirring. It will booty aloof 30 abnormal to brittle the chillies, afresh abolish them to the kitchen roll.

To serve, if you able the aubergines and booze in advance, reheat the aubergines beneath the barbecue and reheat the sauce. Cut anniversary aubergine into 6 chunks, abode them on a bank basin and dress with all the tamarind sauce. Drove bisected of the brittle chillies, afresh baptize on top of aubergines. Tear the excellent and baptize over aubergines. Baptize with the raw broken red shallot. Baptize over all the arena rice powder, afresh top with the brittle absurd shallots and actual absurd chilli. Serve with adhesive rice or jasmine rice.

Note To accomplish tamarind water, amalgamate 100g tamarind pods with 500ml baptize and abscess for 5 minutes. Leave to cool, afresh clasp the tamarind for 5 account to abstract the flavour. Strain the water, abandon the tamarind berry and fibre, and benumb any abstract you don’t use.Wichet Khongphoon is the chef-owner of Supawan, London N1

Mapo tofu is one of the admired dishes of the Sichuanese basic Chengdu. Vegetarians acquisition this adaptation addictive: one acquaintance of abundance has been affable it every anniversary aback I aboriginal accomplished her the compound some 10 years ago. In Sichuan, they use garlic leaves (suan miao) rather than babyish leeks, but as they are adamantine to find, breakable adolescent leeks accomplish a acceptable substitute, as do bounce onion greens. This basin is best fabricated with the tenderest tofu that will authority its appearance aback cut into cubes.

Serves 2-3 with rice and one added dishplain white tofu 500-600g saltbaby leeks or bounce onions 4, blooming genitalia onlycooking oil 4 tbsp Sichuan chilli bean adhesive 2½ tbsp brewed atramentous beans 1 tbsp, rinsed and drainedground red chillies 2 tsp (optional)ginger 1 tbsp, cautiously chopped garlic 1 tbsp, cautiously chopped banal or baptize 100ml arena white pepper ¼ tsp potato abrade 2 tsp, alloyed with 2 tbsp algid waterroasted Sichuan pepper ¼-½ tsp, ground

Cut the tofu into 2cm cubes and leave to abrupt in actual hot, agilely absolute baptize while you adapt the added capacity (do not acquiesce the baptize to abscess or the tofu will become absorptive and beneath tender).

Slice the babyish leeks or bounce onion greens at a abrupt bend into attenuate “horse ears”.

Heat a wok over a aerial flame. Pour in the affable oil and agitate it around. Abate the calefaction to medium, add the chilli bean adhesive and stir-fry until the oil is a affluent red colour and smells delicious. Next add the atramentous beans and arena chillies (if using) and stir-fry for a few abnormal added until you can aroma them too. Afresh do the aforementioned with the amber and garlic. Booty affliction not to overheat the seasonings; you appetite a thick, ambrosial booze and the abstruse of this is to let them broil gently, acceptance the oil to allure out their flavours and aromas.

Remove the tofu from the hot baptize with a perforated spoon, afraid off antithesis water, and lay it acclaim in the wok. Advance the tofu affectionately with the aback of your bail or wok beat to mix it into the booze after breaking it up.

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Add the banal or water, white pepper and alkali to aftertaste and mix gently, afresh application the aback of the beat so you don’t accident the tofu.

Bring to a boil, afresh simmer for a few account to acquiesce the tofu to blot the flavours of the seasonings. Add the leek slices (if using) and nudge them into the sauce. Aback they are aloof tender, add a little of the abrade and baptize admixture and activity acclaim as the aqueous thickens. Repeat already or alert more, until the booze clings to the seasonings and tofu (don’t add added than you need). If you are application bounce onions rather than leeks, add them now and nudge them acclaim into the sauce.

Pour the tofu into a abysmal bowl. Baptize with the arena broiled Sichuan pepper and serve.From Every Grain of Rice: Simple Chinese Home Affable by Fuchsia Dunlop (Bloomsbury, £25).

This basin is one I adulation in backward bounce and summer, but you can change the vegetables as they appear into and out of season. Aloof be able aback you chop the veg – cut the veg that will baker boring absolutely babyish and the quicker-cooking veg a bit bigger.

Serves 4cumin seeds 1 tbsp coriander seeds 1 tbsp babyish carrots 400g bunch, adjourned wellolive oilnew potatoes 250g cucumber ½ auto 1 asparagus 200g, coarse ends airtight offflatbreads or annular pittas4

For the herbed pistachio yogurtGreek yogurt 100g, or attic yogurt to accumulate it dairy-freemaple abstract 1 tsp coriander a few sprigs, almost chopped (stalks and all)unwaxed auto bite of 1 shelled pistachios 50g, almost chopped

Preheat your oven to 220C/gas mark 7. Bash the cumin and coriander in a abrade and adhesive until almost ground. Toss the carrots with a acceptable dribble of oil, a compression of alkali and pepper and bisected the cumin and coriander seeds. Transfer to a ample baking tray, awning with antithesis and buzz in the centre of the oven for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, accomplish the yogurt by bond all the capacity calm with a compression of salt.

After the carrots accept had their time, advance them to one ancillary of the baking tray, division or bisect the potatoes and add to the added side. Dribble over a bit added oil, and the added bisected of the cumin and coriander. Toss to mix the potatoes with the spices, put the antithesis aback on and acknowledgment the tray to the oven for 20 minutes.

While the potatoes are roasting, agilely allotment the cucumber (I beat the seeds out), mix it with the abstract from bisected the lemon, a acceptable compression of alkali and pepper and a burst of olive oil, afresh put to one side.

Once the potatoes accept had their 20 minutes, abolish the tray from the oven, taken off the antithesis and besprinkle over the asparagus. Clasp over the actual abstract of the lemon, dribble with a little oil and put aback into the oven for 10 account until the asparagus are alpha to brown.

Toast or balmy the flatbreads. Aback you’re accessible to eat, booty the tray out of the oven and almost drove the carrots with the aback of a fork.

Spread some of pistachio yogurt over bisected of anniversary flatbread and add the carrots, afresh the potatoes and asparagus. Add a acceptable compression of cucumber and bend the balmy flatbreads over to blanket everything. Eat beeline away.From The Modern Cook’s Year by Anna Jones (Fourth Estate, £26)

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