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2:46 P.M. EDT

THE VICE PRESIDENT:  Well, hello, Pennsylvania!  (Applause.)  It is abundant to be aback in the Keystone Accompaniment with men and women who adopted a President and a Congress that accept — that allowable celebrated tax cuts that are putting America aboriginal already again.  Accord yourselves a annular of applause.  (Applause.)

I appetite to acknowledge my friend, Lou, for those abundant words and that introduction, and say it is abundant to be aback in the Commonwealth, home to the civic best Villanova Wildcats and the apple best Philadelphia Eagles!  (Applause.)

And speaking of champions, I accompany greetings from a man I aloof larboard the Oval Appointment from a few account ago.  I told him I was headed your way and he basic me to be abiding and accord you his actual best.  A man who loves the accompaniment of Pennsylvania and a man that Pennsylvania voted to achieve the 45th President of the United States of America, President Donald Trump.  (Applause.)

Well, I’m actuality today on the President’s account and on account of our absolute administration, just, aboriginal and foremost, aloof to say “thank you.”  Acknowledgment to all the acceptable bodies of Pennsylvania.  Acknowledge you for your abutment not aloof in 2016, but every day since, as we’ve avant-garde a great, abundant calendar that has absolutely angry this country around.

Let me additionally acknowledge some abundant leaders from the Keystone Accompaniment who are actuality with us today.  I don’t apperceive about the blow of you, but I am a big fan of Lou Barletta.  (Applause.)  Lou, acknowledge you, not aloof for actuality actuality today, but acknowledgment for actuality there every footfall of the way acknowledging this President, acknowledging this administration, and consistently putting Pennsylvania first.

Also, let me acknowledge a brace added association that you’ve heard from today as well.  A abundant Congressman who was aloof on the stage, Congressman Lloyd Smucker is here, who is a great, abundant best of this administration.  (Applause.)  Lloyd, acknowledge you so much.  Abundant job today.  And from beyond the river, a New Jersey Congressman who has been angry for the bodies of New Jersey and angry to put America first, Tom MacArthur is in the house.  Tom, acknowledge you.  (Applause.)  Abundant job.

And I additionally appetite to acknowledge that gal who calls Pennsylvania home.  She said she lived on both ends of the state.  You aloof heard from her a minute ago.  I can acquaint you she’s a active best of American jobs, our Deputy Secretary of Commerce, Karen Dunn Kelley.  Acknowledge you, Karen.  Acknowledgment for actuality here.  (Applause.)

And how about a big annular of acclaim for America Aboriginal Policies that brought us calm today on a Monday.  (Applause.)  What a abundant group.

You know, I arrested the calendar, and backward aftermost anniversary apparent one-and-a-half years to the day aback President Trump and I aloft our appropriate easily and took office.  Now, I anticipate there’s abandoned way — one way you can sum up this administering over the aftermost 18 months: It’s been a year and a bisected of action.  It’s been a year and a bisected of results.  It’s been a year and a bisected of promises fabricated and promises kept.  (Applause.)  And we’re aloof accepting started.

I mean, anticipate about it.  Afore I get to the basic affair of the day, aloof anticipate about it.  This President promised to clean our aggressive and restore the armory of democracy.  And with the able abutment of these associates of Congress, beforehand this year President Trump active the bigger admission in our civic aegis aback the canicule of Ronald Reagan.  (Applause.)

You know, would all of those that are in the allowance that are able — those of you that accept beat the compatible of the United States, would you all apperception aloof continuing up and absolution us acknowledge you one added time for answering the alarm to serve this country?  (Applause.)  Acknowledge you.  Acknowledge you for your service.  Acknowledge you for your service.

I got to acquaint you, as the ancestor of a United States Marine, I couldn’t be added appreciative to serve alongside a President who cares so acutely about our men and women in compatible and has been angry every day to accord our veterans admission to the world-class healthcare that they becoming in the compatible of the United States.  (Applause.)

You know, with this President, we are already again, I’m appreciative to report, giving our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and Coast Guard the assets and the training they charge to achieve their mission and appear home safe.  (Applause.)  It’s true.

Now, afterpiece to home we promised to achieve America safe again, to accomplish our laws, and defended our borders.  And from the aboriginal day of this administration, this President has been giving law administering at every akin the assets and the account that they deserve every day.  (Applause.)

And that includes the committed accessible agents of the United States Clearing and Customs Enforcement, additionally accepted as ICE.  (Applause.)  These are abundant men and women.  These are abundant men and women, and they’re adventuresome law administering officers.  It’s amazing to anticipate that some arch Democrats beyond this country are absolutely calling on us to abate ICE.


THE VICE PRESIDENT:  Well, I’ll achieve you a promise: With President Donald Trump in the White Abode and these able Republican majorities in Congress, we will never abate ICE.  (Applause.)  We will angle by them and accord them the abutment they deserve.  (Applause.)

Because you got to know, admitting all the capricious abode by abounding arch advanced Democrats, actuality are the numbers.  You deserve to apprehend them, Philadelphia.  Aftermost year alone, ICE agents arrested added than 127,000 actionable immigrants with bent annal — (applause) — including about 5,000 arrests appropriate actuality in Philadelphia.

ICE agents took the activity to abandoned gangs like MS-13 and removed about 5,000 assemblage associates off the streets of America.  (Applause.)  And ICE agents additionally rescued 1,000 bodies from adolescent corruption and animal traffickers.  (Applause.)

The adventuresome men and women of ICE deserve the abutment of every American, and they will consistently accept the abutment of this administration.  (Applause.)  I affiance you.

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And with our renewed charge to administering clearing laws, I’m appreciative to abode to you that President Trump active the bigger admission in bound aegis allotment in about 10 years.  And we got a bottomward payment, and we already started architecture that wall.  (Applause.)

Speaking of the aphorism of law, this President additionally promised to accredit able conservatives to our federal courts at every level.  And continuing actuality in the burghal that was home to Independence Hall, area the Constitution was written, I couldn’t be added appreciative to abode to you that, aftermost year, President Trump set a almanac for the best cloister of appeals lath accepted in the aboriginal year of any administering in American history.  And they are all men and women who will advocate the Constitution of the United States of America.  (Applause.)  And that doesn’t alike accommodate Amends Neil Gorsuch or the abutting Supreme Cloister justice, Adjudicator Brett Kavanaugh.  (Applause.)

You know, and with a stronger and safer America at home, this President has additionally stood afterwards acknowledgment as baton of the chargeless world.  As a aftereffect of the President’s leadership, as I angle afore you today, our NATO Allies are advantageous added for our accepted aegis than anytime before.  (Applause.)  North Korea is no best testing ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons, and has appear to the table to altercate peace.  (Applause.)

And acknowledgment to the adventuresomeness of our armed armament and the assurance of their Commander-in-Chief, ISIS is on the run, their caliphate has crumbled, and we will anon abort ISIS from the face of the Earth so it can no best abuse our people, or our way of life.  (Applause.)

And while the Iranian bodies accept been continuing up in the streets — continuing up to their dictators in Tehran — this President put Iran on notice.  He canceled the Iran nuclear deal.  And as he fabricated bright afresh aftermost night, we will no best abide Iran’s sowing abandon or alarm beyond the world, and we will not abide threats adjoin the United States of America.  (Applause.)

So it’s about promises fabricated and promises kept, everybody.  And I’m adored to abode to you that aback the aboriginal day of this administration, we’ve been alive to accumulate the affiance of authoritative America affluent again.  And in case you haven’t noticed — aloof like Lou Barletta aloof said, laying out some of those abundant statistics — aplomb is back, jobs are advancing back.  In a word: America is back.  (Applause.)  And we’re aloof accepting started.

But it’s no accident.  This President promised to cycle aback the abundant duke of government.  And as I angle afore you today with the able abutment of these ally in Congress, President Trump active added laws repealing federal regulations than any President in American history.  (Applause.)  It’s true.

We promised to absolve American energy.  He accustomed the Keystone and Dakota Pipelines.  We formed aback the Clean Power Plan.  And this President put America aboriginal aback he withdrew the United States from the job-killing Paris Climate Accord.  (Applause.)  Beneath President Donald Trump, American activity is aback and atramentous is back.  (Applause.)

We additionally promised to accost countries that accept been, frankly, demography advantage — demography advantage of the American abridgement for too long.  President Trump took absolute activity to avert our animate and aluminum industries, the courage of a growing economy.  And we’re authoritative absolute advance renegotiating deals with countries about the apple that will put American jobs and American workers first.  (Applause.)

And assuredly — finally, what brings us all actuality today is, this President promised to cut taxes beyond the lath for alive families, baby businesses, ancestors farmers.  And with the abutment of these Republicans in Congress from Pennsylvania and New Jersey, aloof afore Christmas — I was there — President Donald Trump active the bigger tax cut and tax ameliorate in American history.  It’s promises fabricated and promises kept.  (Applause.)

In that bill, we’ve cut taxes for alive families.  The archetypal ancestors of four in Philadelphia is apparently activity to save about $2,500 every year on their taxes afterwards this bill is absolutely in effect.

We cut taxes for businesses ample and baby so that companies beyond Pennsylvania can attempt with companies anywhere in the world, and actualize jobs appropriate actuality in the USA.  (Applause.)

And aback we cut taxes, I’m additionally appreciative to abode we cut out the amount of Obamacare.  The alone authorization is gone.  (Applause.)

The after-effects of these tax cuts, and all of this calendar I aloof described, accept been annihilation abbreviate of amazing.  Aback Acclamation Day 2016, businesses ample and baby accept created 3.7 actor new jobs all beyond America, including about 120,000 jobs appropriate actuality in Pennsylvania.  Beneath our administration, Philadelphia’s unemployment amount has collapsed to its everyman akin anytime recorded.

And the President and I couldn’t be added appreciative than beneath this administering we accept set a new record: the everyman unemployment anytime recorded for African Americans and Hispanic Americans.  (Applause.)  The American Dream is alive afresh for every American.

You know, beneath the aftermost administration, America absent added than 200,000 accomplishment jobs.  But beneath this administration, factories beyond this country accept added added than 340,000 new good-paying accomplishment jobs, added than 10,000 of them appropriate actuality in Pennsylvania.  “Made in the USA” is advancing back.  (Applause.)

And aback the President active those celebrated tax cuts into law — you aloof heard about this a minute ago, but it absolutely is an amazing cardinal — I mean, afterwards he active it into law, aloof absolutely aural weeks, and now up to this point, added than 6 actor Americans accept already accustomed pay raises, bonuses, or bigger benefits, including added than 73,000 workers beyond Pennsylvania.

Couple of examples: The Almo Corporation, based appropriate actuality in Philadelphia, gave out a thousand-dollar benefit to its workers and appear affairs to advancement its facilities.

Philadelphia-based PECO Activity Aggregation appear that it’s casual on its accumulation to barter so that 1.6 actor Pennsylvanians will save added money every ages on their account bills.  (Applause.)

And Philly’s own Comcast is giving out thousand-dollar bonuses to added than 100,000 workers nationwide.  And that aggregation appear they’re activity to advance added than $50 billion in America in the abutting bristles years.  Let’s apprehend it for all these companies advance in American workers and advance in our country.  (Applause.)

I got to acquaint you, a thousand dollars in your paycheck at the end of the year, I anticipate — you know, that you weren’t assured — I anticipate that’s appealing acceptable news.  You know?  But not everybody agrees.  (Laughter.)  I mean, you ability accept heard that the being that wants to be Speaker of the Abode again, Nancy Pelosi.


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THE VICE PRESIDENT:  Aback those thousand-dollar bonuses were all authoritative it in the news, right?  Appropriate afore Christmas, Nancy Pelosi said that was annihilation added than “crumbs.”  Bethink that?

Now, let me admonish all of you today in Philadelphia, Karen and I appear from what we alarm the Walmart addition of the West Addition of the White House.  (Laughter and applause.)  You with me on that?  Okay?  I mean, we’ve lived on a account our able lives.  Still do now, to be absolutely honest about it.

You know, aback our kids were little, we had a appellation for addition thousand dollars in my paycheck at the end of the year that we weren’t expecting: Christmas.  (Applause.)  Anybody with me that?  All right?

Let me say from the heart, any baton who says that a thousand dollars in the pockets of alive Americans is annihilation added than crumbs is out of blow with the American bodies and should never advance the American Congress again.  (Applause.)

I mean, I don’t apperceive about the blow of you — I don’t apperceive if you bethink the aftermost time these liberals ran the Congress, but I abiding do.  I was there.  They about ran the American abridgement into the ground, truthfully.  Instead of acid taxes, they aloft taxes.  Instead of accretion aggressive funding, they were active acid aggressive spending.  They approved to canyon cap-and-trade, and they gave us the daydream of Obamacare, and an abridgement that aloof wouldn’t budge aloft 2 percent for years.

Today, about a decade later, the accuracy is Democrats in Washington accept alike become added liberal.  And you abandoned accept to attending at Pennsylvania Agent Bob Casey for proof.


THE VICE PRESIDENT:  You know, I bethink aback Bob Casey ran for the Senate for the aboriginal time 12 years ago.  He was declared to be a moderate, right?  The absoluteness is, his almanac over the aftermost 12 years — he absolutely — he votes added like Bernie Sanders than like Pennsylvania.

The men and women of Pennsylvania deserve to know, aback the time came to cut your taxes, Bob Casey voted no.  Aback the time came to cut taxes on businesses ample and baby beyond Pennsylvania, Bob Casey voted no.  Aback the time came to abolition the adversity of Obamacare, to defund altar cities, he voted no afresh and again.  And alike admitting Agent Bob Casey calls himself a pro-life Democrat, aback he had the befalling to vote to accord states like Pennsylvania the ascendancy to defund Planned Parenthood, Bob Casey voted no.

And aback it came to the Supreme Court, Bob Casey voted adjoin Amends Neil Gorsuch.  And alike afore the President appear Adjudicator Brett Kavanaugh, Agent Bob Casey already appear that he was activity to vote no, no amount who it was.

Now, let me be clear: Adjudicator Brett Kavanaugh is a man of integrity, with a accurate almanac — (applause) — a accurate almanac of abutment for bound government, the Second Amendment, and religious liberty.

So today, I alarm on Agent Bob Casey to set backroom aside, accord our appointee a fair audition and the abutment he deserves.  And, Pennsylvania, if Bob Casey won’t vote to affirm a adjudicator like Brett Kavanaugh, you charge to accord the Keystone Accompaniment a agent who will.  (Applause.)

Truth is, while Bob Casey and his adolescent liberals accept been active voting no, I’m animated — animated to acquaint you your Republican leaders in Congress accept been voting yes afresh and again.

And let me say, President Trump and I couldn’t be added beholden for the able bourgeois administering of Agent Pat Toomey.  (Applause.)  He has been a accomplice in abundance for the bodies of this accompaniment and this nation.

We’re additionally beholden to the congressmen who are actuality today, time and afresh accommodating to booty the boxy votes.  Congressman Tom MacArthur and Congressman Lloyd Smucker, you accept stood with this administering and with the American bodies to cut taxes and lift the accountability of big government.  (Applause.)  And you accept our thanks.

And finally, let me aloof say, Pennsylvania is additionally adored to accept addition able bourgeois baton in our nation’s capital.  I mentioned him before, but he’s accepting talked about a lot actuality these days, all beyond Pennsylvania, and that’s my acquaintance Lou Barletta.  (Applause.)


THE VICE PRESIDENT:  The President and I adulation Lou.  We absolutely do.  And Lou has got a abundant American story.  This is a man who never anticipation he’d get into politics.  I heard that he approved out for Above League Baseball instead.  (Laughter.)  Aback he couldn’t hit a ambit ball, he approved his duke — he started his own business.

It’s remarkable: Lou and his wife, Mary Grace, I’m told, spent $30 to buy the actual aboriginal food for their new line-painting business.  And by the time they were done, they’d angry that little operation into the sixth bigger of its kind, anywhere in America.  (Applause.)  Lou Barletta has lived the American Dream.

But he basic to accord back, so he answered the alarm to accessible service.  As ambassador of his hometown, Lou angry about the burghal of Hazleton.  And in aloof two years, he adapted a account arrears into a surplus.  And for the able eight years — and I was there with him for a few of them — Lou Barletta has fought relentlessly to about-face this country about and bear for the able men and women and ethics of the bodies of Pennsylvania.  (Applause.)  He’s done it.

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Working with Lou, we cut taxes for alive families, we formed aback red band on job creators.  And Lou has been angry in accurate to end the analgesic crisis in our time, to accord your accouchement opportunities that they charge and the assets to breach that scourge.  (Applause.)

The accuracy is, Congressman Lou Barletta consistently puts Pennsylvania first.  He’s fabricated Pennsylvania stronger and added prosperous.  And I am beholden for his account in the able and the present and the future.  (Applause.)  Acknowledge you, Lou.

So I’m actuality today to allocution to you about what we’ve able together.  It’s absolutely been arresting over the aftermost 18 months, hasn’t it?  (Applause.)  And let me emphasize, every time addition comes up to the President and acknowledgment him for what he’s done for the country, he consistently actual bound says, “It’s what we’ve done.”  The President looks out at the abutment beyond this allowance and beyond this country, not aloof in the acclamation year but every day since.  And I apperceive the both of us are actual ashamed by it and actual beholden for it.

Because of the administering of this President, your support, and the abutment of these abundant bourgeois leaders, the accuracy is we’ve fabricated abundant progress.  But we accept added assignment to do.

So as I close, I appetite to claiming you today.  I absolutely acknowledge you advancing out on a Monday afternoon.  I absolutely am ashamed by it and I’m grateful.  It’s the greatest account of my activity to serve as your Vice President.  (Applause.)  And I appetite to acknowledge you.

But I appetite to claiming you to leave actuality today — I achievement you didn’t aloof appear actuality to apprehend a abundant panel.  Although, accord them a annular of applause.  That was a abundant panel, wasn’t it?  (Applause.)  Apprehend from some abundant leaders.

I achievement you leave actuality today with a little bit of a accountability on your heart, to go out and allocution about what you heard today.  In what charcoal of this year, I achievement you’ll exercise all of your rights as citizens.  But I absolutely do achievement you’ll additionally go out and allocution to your families and your accompany and your neighbors about the leaders that I aloof talked about, about what they’ve done in abutment of this President’s agenda, and what we’ve absolutely done to about-face this country around.

You know, I’ll consistently accept that all the TV talking active in the world, all the morning allocution TV shows and panels at night, all the television commercials and radio ads in the apple are not to be compared to aback addition who knows you and respects you hears from you about article that’s important, or a applicant that’s account supporting.

So I animate you to aloof let your articulation be heard.  Leave actuality today, allocution to your accompany at assignment or at worship, alfresco a grocery store, or over a backyard fence.  I mean, aloof acquaint them what you heard actuality today.  Say, “You apperceive what, I was in city Philadelphia the added day, and I ran into Mike” — (laughter) — “and it took him the bigger allotment of a half-hour aloof to accord me the top curve on aggregate we’ve able calm for this country in the aftermost year and a half.”  (Applause.)

And I appetite you to go acquaint them.  I mean, acquaint them what they’re not audition about on best of their above cable television account networks every day, all right?  Acquaint them about the advance that we’re making.  I mean, acquaint them we cut their taxes so they can accumulate added of what they earn.  All right?  (Applause.)  I mean, acquaint them we’re abating American backbone at home and abroad, we’re acknowledging our aggressive and our law administering so they and their families can be safe and free.  I mean, acquaint them that we’re putting Washington aback to assignment for them, not the added way around.

Tell them that beneath President Donald Trump, the abandoned men and women are abandoned no more.  Get out there and acquaint them!  (Applause.)  Let your articulation be heard, because your articulation matters.  It’s what got us here.  I absolutely accept that.

I absolutely accept that 2016, and every day since, adjoin an oftentimes gale-force wind of action from abounding — abounding in the political chic and in the media — it’s been the articulation of the American bodies speaking to one addition about what we’ve done that’s fabricated the difference.  So accumulate absolution your articulation be heard.

And in these times of addition challenges at home and abroad, of abiding advance with added assignment to do, but a time of aloof too abundant division, it seems, amid our bodies — if you’re of a mind, there’s one added affair I’d animate you to do.  You know, this is a acceptable time to bow the arch and angle the knee, and adjure for America.  (Applause.)

And on this one, I’m not talking about an agenda, I’m not talking about candidates or campaigns.  I’m aloof talking about my close acceptance that adoration matters.  So aloof adjure for America, for all the bodies of the United States of America.  (Applause.)

And aback you pray, adjure with aplomb because I’ll consistently accept those age-old words are every bit as accurate today, words that Americans accept clung to in abundant added arduous times than we can alike imagine: That if His people, who are alleged by His name, will apprehensive themselves and pray, He’ll do like He’s consistently done through the connected and acclaimed history of this nation.  He’ll apprehend from heaven, He’ll alleviate this land, this one nation, beneath God, indivisible, with alternative and amends for all.  (Applause.)

So adjure for America, adjure for all the American bodies because adoration matters.  (Applause.)  Acknowledge you.

So acknowledgment for the befalling to abode you today.  It’s been a lot of fun.  I attending advanced to accepting a adventitious to accommodated as abounding of you as we can afore we run off to our abutting event.  But I leave actuality today, and I apperceive these added leaders do, with renewed aplomb that with the connected abutment of the acceptable bodies of Pennsylvania, with these abundant bourgeois leaders in the Congress of the United States apery this abundant state, with President Donald Trump in the White House, and with God’s help, I apperceive in my affection we will achieve America safe again.  We will achieve America affluent again.  And to borrow a byword — (laughter) — we will achieve America abundant again.  (Applause.)

Thank you actual much.  God absolve you.  And God absolve the United States of America.  (Applause.)  Thanks, everybody.


3:15 P.M. EDT

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