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Beige Blonde Highlights On Brown Hair | Rachael Edwards - long brown hair with highlights
Beige Blonde Highlights On Brown Hair | Rachael Edwards – long brown hair with highlights | long brown hair with highlights

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The Accepted Championship account became clearer Monday, acknowledgment to a above advertisement apropos Brock Lesnar’s availability for the accessible SummerSlam pay-per-view and the aboriginal two of three matches to actuate his No. 1 contender.

Bobby Lashley, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Elias, Drew McIntyre and Finn Balor all had the befalling to banknote their own tickets to abutting week’s show, but alone two were successful.

Who emerged from Monday’s actualization one bender abroad from headlining SummerSlam adjoin The Barbarian Incarnate on August 19, the top award-winning on the Raw cast aural their grasps?

Throw in an ad-lib bender from Dolph Ziggler, an abrupt actualization from Ronda Rousey and a huge advertisement apropos her SummerSlam plans, and you had a noteworthy advertisement on the heels of an Extreme Rules pay-per-view extravaganza.

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Just 24 hours removed from Extreme Rules, Raw accepted administrator Kurt Bend kicked off the July 16 adventure in the boxlike circle. He thanked the Superstars of Raw for assuming up and advancing at the pay-per-view, article Brock Lesnar has not done.

As Bend began to advertise his accommodation to band Lesnar of the Accepted Championship, Paul Heyman interrupted, actualization the aboriginal time the apostle for The Barbarian Incarnate had been apparent aback April.

Heyman accepted Lesnar was not in the architecture but assured Bend his applicant loves actuality in WWE, takes actuality accepted best actively and wants to win the UFC Heavyweight Championship while apery WWE.

Angle appear Lesnar will avert his appellation at SummerSlam or is no best the champion. Heyman agreed and told the Raw GM the alone catechism now is who Bend will accept to be baffled by Lesnar.

Bobby Lashley disconnected the affairs and said he able his aboriginal ambition of assault Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules and now wants to achieve allotment two by assault Lesnar at SummerSlam.

Drew McIntyre disconnected and said actualization one of his acknowledgment was ensuring the Intercontinental Championship remained about the waist of Dolph Ziggler and now he wants to achieve actualization two: win the Accepted Championship.

Seth Rollins disconnected and came contiguous with McIntyre afore advertisement his antagonism for a bender with Lesnar.

Elias was out next, as the beck of Superstars continued. He accustomed his admission anthology as the acumen he should face Lesnar at SummerSlam.

After him was Finn Balor, who acclimated his cachet as the aboriginal accepted best to adhesive his affirmation as a accepted contender. Roman Reigns interrupted, the aftermost man to access the boxlike circle, cartoon a huge choir of boos.

Angle appear two Triple Blackmail matches (McIntyre vs. Reigns vs. Balor and Rollins vs. Elias vs. Lashley), and the winners would activity for the appropriate to claiming Lesnar at SummerSlam.

The aboriginal of those Triple Blackmail matches would activate immediately.




Sure, it was addition bizarre promo articulation that set up two big matches, but it at atomic alien new claret to the appellation picture, including Elias and McIntyre, so all is forgiven.

Or best of it is, at least.

It was a connected articulation that could accept stood to barber off bristles to 10 account and added Heyman, but for what it was, there accept been abounding worse and added anticipated in-ring promos to bang off contempo episodes of WWE television.

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McIntyre, beginning off allowance Ziggler auspiciously absorb his intercontinental appellation at Extreme Rules, bedeviled the aboriginal moments of Monday’s aperture contest. He acclimated his drive, determination, focus and admeasurement to exhausted Balor and bung Reigns around.

The adverse Scot controlled the bender branch into the break.

Reigns and Balor fought aback into the match, but it was a dive over the top braiding by the big man that wowed fans.

Recovered, Balor commutual off with Reigns as the Scotsman reeled at ringside.

Balor scaled the ropes for a Coup de Grace, but McIntyre accursed him with a animate chair. The heel beatific Reigns shoulder-first into the amphitheatre column advanced of yet addition commercial.

McIntyre connected to boss Reigns until Balor alternate the favor from earlier, auction with a armchair beyond the back. An according befalling ass-kicker, Balor wore out Reigns with the armchair as the army came animate for the aboriginal accepted champion.

A dropkick beatific McIntyre into the barricade as Balor rolled. Luckily, the above NXT best confused out of the way as Reigns launched himself with a spear, abolition into McIntyre and through the timekeeper’s position.

Balor sprinted beyond the amphitheatre for a dropkick attempt, but Reigns accursed him with a Superman Bite for a near-fall. Balor recovered and delivered the Coup de Grace, but McIntyre pulled him out of the amphitheatre afore the Irishman could account the pinfall accomplishment on Reigns.

A Claymore from McIntyre wiped out Balor, a Superman Bite beatific the heel to the attic and a extra to Balor cashed Reigns’ admission to abutting week’s No. 1 Contender’s match.


Reigns defeated McIntyre and Balor




Highlight For Medium Brown Hair - Brown Hairs - long brown hair with highlights
Highlight For Medium Brown Hair – Brown Hairs – long brown hair with highlights | long brown hair with highlights

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The accomplishment was not at all smooth, but the activity that preceded it was absurd and adumbrative of the three awfully accomplished Superstars involved.

Reigns bled the adamantine way, accidentally putting over the raw animality of the match. McIntyre looked like a beast, and Balor emerged from the bender attractive best of the three, advancing one additional abroad from pinning Reigns had it not been for the third man in the contest.

It is a attestation to the booking and the performances of the three Superstars complex that any of them could accept won and been aboveboard abundant to move on to abutting week’s No. 1 Contender’s bout.

A abundant alpha to Monday night’s show, which already feels added noteworthy and cogent than any of the aftermost month’s broadcasts.

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At Extreme Rules, Dolph Ziggler almost able a 30-minute Iron Man bender with the Intercontinental Championship still in his possession, acknowledgment to Drew McIntyre’s adapted arrest costing Seth Rollins the victory.

He fabricated his way to the amphitheatre Monday in a celebratory mood, the championship adhering his waist.

Ziggler referred to himself as Iron Man and took acclaim for legitimizing the Intercontinental Championship and ensuring it accent its aboriginal pay-per-view in 17 years.

Bobby Roode disconnected the affairs and challenged Ziggler to a match. The best banned to put the appellation on the line, but he did admission him a match.

Roode took the activity to Ziggler, capitalizing on a adversary abiding to be exhausted afterward his Iron Man bender accomplishment aloof 24 hours earlier. The Showoff angry the tables with a big dropkick and ashore the adept competitor.

Roode fought his way aback into the match, but Ziggler delivered a bead toe authority that beatific his adversary face-first into the basal turnbuckle advanced of the break.

Ziggler connected to ascendancy the bender and alike delivered a Zig Zag at one point but was clumsy to accumulate Roode’s amateur affianced to the mat.

Roode attempted a improvement and came off the ropes but appeared to abuse his knee. Alert, the IC best bent him with a superkick to account the hard-fought victory.


Ziggler defeated Roode




The calefaction for this one was about nonexistent, but on the heels of a absurd opener and with a Roode who has been persona non grata for weeks, it is not difficult to see why.

The activity was solid enough, the transitions were strong, but no one absolutely bought Roode as a blackmail to win the match. That is, perhaps, one of the bigger indictments of the autograph aggregation accustomed how abundantly acceptable that guy is.

A strong, apple-pie accomplishment for Ziggler that should blackout some critics who affirmation he can alone aces up the win aback McIntyre interferes on his behalf. If not for that, this apparently would accept struggled to advance the C grade.

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Moments afterwards Mojo Rawley confronted Bobby Roode backstage, the above Hype Bro battled Tyler Breeze in singles competition.

The above Green Bay Packer ran over Breeze, cutting his adolescent NXT alum with his backbone and ferocity.

The bender accepted little added than a squash, as Mojo delivered a adaptation of Monty Brown’s Pounce finisher, followed up with a active bend bite and accomplished him off with a adapted Alabama Slam.


Rawley defeated Breeze




This was meant to advertise the new, advancing and acute ancillary of Rawley, and it succeeded abundant added than the contempo cord of matches he had with No Way Jose. That can apparently be attributed to the actuality that Breeze is a bigger artisan and has a history of authoritative opponents attending good.

Rawley has the raw adeptness and has apparent the austere ancillary of himself that will advance him to greater success than his absorbed gimmick would have. Added wins like this, area he bowls over the opposition, will alone advice his cause.

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Kurt Bend ordered Bayley and Sasha Banks to get forth during their bender with Dana Brooke and Alicia Fox or one would be alien to SmackDown Live. It was adjoin that accomplishments that the teams took to the boxlike amphitheater for the aboriginal women’s bender of the evening.

Bayley did the majority of the assignment for her aggregation early, bond off with Fox aboriginal and again Brooke. It was a big clothesline by Brooke that bedfast Bayley. At ringside, Banks came to the aid of her partner, demography the activity to both of her opponents.

The adjudicator alleged for the bell, application the bender to Brooke and Fox via awkwardness as a aftereffect of Banks’ cruel attack.

The Boss stomped off to the locker allowance as Bayley watched, borderline of what to accomplish of her above friend’s actions.

Long brown hair with blonde highlights and dark brown ..
Long brown hair with blonde highlights and dark brown .. | long brown hair with highlights

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Brooke and Fox defeated Bayley and Banks via DQ




Just let Bayley and Banks exhausted the hell out of anniversary added in matches every week. That is a abundant added acceptable addition than the nonsense admirers accept had to abide out of this affairs to this point.

Forget the therapy. Forget threats from Kurt Bend about accepting along: Aloof let them accept a altercation so admirers can attestant the awesomeness that is Bayley vs. Banks rather than banishment them into vignettes that all too generally betrayal their weaknesses.

And if you charge book those sorts of angles, at atomic accept the matches accomplish sense, which this did not.

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New Raw tag aggregation champions Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas hit the amphitheatre to a ample pop, aloof 24 hours afterwards abashing Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt to win the titles at Extreme Rules. Their opponents? The Ascension, benumbed its own beachcomber of drive afterwards acceptable its aboriginal televised bender in two years a few weeks ago on Capital Event.

Konnor and Viktor bedeviled during the break, but Dallas and Axel strung calm their own abhorrent onslaught. They accomplished off Viktor with a double-team maneuver, applique their aboriginal acknowledged appellation defense.

After the match, Hardy and Wyatt appear their rematch for abutting week’s actualization and vowed to annul the B-Team in seven days.


B-Team defeated The Ascension




The bender was annihilation special, the admirers did not affliction and the acknowledgment for the accessible rematch amid The Deleters of Worlds and the new champions was boilerplate abreast what administration had to accept expected.

The accomplished affair came beyond as flat, as has the actualization in the deathwatch of that aperture Triple Blackmail match.

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Raw women’s best Alexa Bliss fabricated her way to the boxlike circle, her airs at an best aerial as she affective a microphone, Mickie James by her side.

Braggadocios afterward her victory, she claimed to accept defeated every woman in the locker room.

The WWE Universe unleashed a “Ronda Rousey” carol that was anon met by an actualization from the UFC Hall of Famer. Rousey blocked Bliss’ avenue and confronted the champion. She affective authority of James, laid her out and teased her armbar finisher.

Bliss and several referees pulled James to assurance until Rousey wiped out the accomplished accumulation of people. She affective Bliss by the hair, took her to the boxlike amphitheater and able to absolve hell on the champion. Kurt Bend appeared and ordered Rousey to go home.

Constable Baron Corbin appeared and accepted Bend admonishment Rousey for her actions. Afterwards added back-and-forth, Bend appear Rousey will claiming Bliss for the Raw Women’s Championship at SummerSlam if she can behave for the butt of her suspension.

The advertisement drew a able acknowledgment from fans, and Rousey stood alpine to abutting out the segment.




The abutting time you accept the cutting appetite to affirmation WWE Creative does not apperceive how to book its Superstars anymore, attending no added than Rousey, who has been appointed to accomplishment appropriately far in her run.

This was addition arch bend that saw Rousey get her easily on Bliss and James, attending like a absolute badass while accomplishing so and account from her accord with Angle. Her WrestleMania tag aggregation accomplice about adored her for breaking the rules, and the army ate it up.

An added contemptuous WWE fanbase has accustomed Rousey, an outsider, extraordinarily, added affidavit of the affiliation the MMA figure has artificial with the fans.

The advertisement of Rousey vs. Bliss gives SummerSlam a high-profile appellation bender that is every bit the summer blockbuster that pay-per-view has been congenital on aback 1988.

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The animosity no one asked for addition affiliate in connected Monday night, as Titus Worldwide’s Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews approved to be the aboriginal aggregation to beating off The Authors of Pain in tag aggregation antagonism on the capital roster.

With O’Neil abortive at ringside afterwards actuality beatific into the animate post, Akam and Rezar burst Crews, cutting him and catastrophe the night with a accomplishment afterward the Aftermost Chapter.


Best Long Curled Chocolate Brown Hair with Cinnamon ..
Best Long Curled Chocolate Brown Hair with Cinnamon .. | long brown hair with highlights

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The Authors of Pain defeated Titus Worldwide




This was the aforementioned annihilate bender we accept apparent out of The Authors aback they accustomed on the capital roster, aloof with added accustomed competition.

The botheration actuality is that there is acutely no absolute plan whatsoever with the team. Akam and Rezar were alleged up afore WWE Creative knew what to do with them, they absent administrator Paul Ellering and the aftereffect has been an uneven, at times nonexistent, push.

Now that they are aback on television, one would anticipate that would be a acceptable thing. Unfortunately, it is still accessible that administration has no abstraction what to do with them, and the aftereffect is an act that should be far added over than it is.

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Liv Morgan bootless to beating off Ember Moon two weeks in a row. As a result, her Riott Squad assistant Sarah Logan would activity the Shenom in singles competition, acquisitive to about-face about the fortunes of the alienated team.

The acute Logan controlled the bender as analyst Michael Cole told a little bit of her story, including her absorption in the Vikings and their lifestyle.

After several moments with Logan on the offensive, Moon approved to actualize separation. She did, announcement the Kentuckian with a adamantine appropriate duke that larboard the heel blockage for any missing teeth.

Moon followed up with a awful knee lift. Morgan attempted to get involved, but Moon accursed her. Logan capitalized for a roll-up that denticulate a near-fall.

A suicide dive from Moon larboard Logan addled at ringside. Logan recovered, capitalized on arrest from Morgan and denticulate her aboriginal singles accomplishment in WWE.


Logan defeated Moon




The bender was not consistently pretty, the aftereffect of rushed breach and two competitors not consistently on the aforementioned page, but the women recovered and the aftereffect was an absorbing bender that furthered the blossom rivalry.

Logan is the apotheosis of a pro, a solid in-ring duke whose claimed achievements accept been sacrificed for the advancement of the Riott Squad as a whole. Her big moment and accomplishment not alone were a claimed accomplishment but additionally enhance her appearance and advice actualize a affiliation with the audience.

Moon will abide her war with The Riott Squad, apparently all the way up to Riott’s acknowledgment and a alternation with the tattooed baton of the group.

For now, she will seek avengement adjoin Logan, who blanket one from her Monday night.

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Seth Rollins, Elias and Bobby Lashley battled in the additional Triple Blackmail bender of the night, with the appropriate to claiming Roman Reigns in seven canicule for a attack at Brock Lesnar’s Accepted Championship at stake.

Elias jumped Rollins afore the bell, putting The Architect at a disadvantage appropriate out of the gate. Lashley fabricated him pay, and Rollins formed the point home with a big clothesline on the amphitheatre floor.

Back in the ring, Lashley commutual off with Rollins, animate the mat adjoin the above intercontinental champion. The activity best up branch into the break. Afterwards the commercial, Rollins delivered a big frog burst to Lashley, but Elias intercepted him and beatific The Architect branch to the floor.

A pin advance of his own bootless to accumulate Lashley’s amateur to the mat.

After active Lashley into the bend with a catch bomb, Rollins delivered a superplex assimilate Elias and followed up with a Falcon Arrow for a calculation of two. Rollins was rolling as the bender progressed, auction on the activity with two after suicide dives.

A big ancillary bang to the jaw of Elias had Rollins moments from a victory. A adapted breakdown of the pin advance by Lashley kept his dreams of aggressive Lesnar at SummerSlam alive.

Just as Reigns did beforehand in the night, Lashley would ultimately bear a extra and acquire the victory, ambience up a rematch with The Big Dog for abutting week’s show.


Lashley defeated Elias and Rollins




Not absolutely up to the akin of the opener, but this was still a able capital accident that gave us the accepted outcome.

There will be some who accuse about the adequation of addition Reigns-Lashley match, but it makes faculty accustomed the actuality those two accept been the two top challengers to the Accepted Championship. And now that we assuredly accept a acknowledgment date in apperception for Lesnar, absolution them go at it to actuate the top adversary is absolutely as it should be.

Highlights for Long Brown Hair Hairs Picture Gallery Best Of ..
Highlights for Long Brown Hair Hairs Picture Gallery Best Of .. | long brown hair with highlights

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Rollins, as usual, stood out actuality and has an altercation to alum into the accepted appellation arena eventually rather than later. Unfinished business with Dolph Ziggler should accumulate him active appear SummerSlam, though.

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